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High-end print production (including posters, CD stamping and packaging labels, etc.) through Maud Street Printing. Retail packaging and post-production, such as laminating, corrogated cardboard displays, physical packaging with Brown Packaging. Traditional and digital image services through Michel Bouche Photography. Video production and editing services courtesy of Implosion Post Media

Java applets, web hosting, database applications, and a full web, database and application development team. etc. are available through Incom, a leading IT shop in the Eastern United States (Ohio).

And more... VHS promtional tapes? Conference vinyl banners? Demonstration self-running CD? As your needs expand, your Daeton account manager already has mature relationships with many vendors to ensure seamless integration and consistent quality across all of your products. These relationships drive the value added by Daeton to its clients: 'a better way'



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